Union Memorial Hospital

Union_Memorial_HospitalUnion Memorial Hospital (UMH) is a 914,500 square-foot healthcare facility in Baltimore, Maryland. In January 2010, American Energy Assets (AEA) began working with the hospital to assist in reducing its energy consumption and high operating costs. Two and a half years after UMH began using AEA’s On-Track program, the hospital’s Energy Star Rating has improved from a baseline rating of 14 to a current rating of 25.

AEA implemented its On-Track program on January 4, 2010 to diagnose and correct inefficiencies within the facility. During initial energy assessments, AEA identified the following opportunities for improvement:

  • Inefficient chilled water system scheme
  • Pressure supply problems with the 7th floor south building penthouse AHUs
  • Overuse of balancing valves in chilled water system

Since AEA’s initial assessment, Union Memorial has completed the following tasks:

  •  Modified air handling unit controls to eliminate simultaneous heating and cooling, reduce reheat energy use, and optimize the use of outside air
  • Worked with plant operators to improve chiller selection and staging to optimize chiller plant efficiency
  • Consulted on proper controls sequence for new air handling unit installationEnergySavingsResults
  • Designed piping solution to improve chilled water distribution throughout the hospital and minimize pumping power
  • Optimized control sequence for Helipad snowmelt system to reduce unnecessary heating

HospitalSavingsThrough the first 27 months of the program, using AEA’s proprietary FastTrack system (shown left) and multiple site visits by AEA engineers, AEA and Union Memorial Hospital have generated almost $550,000 in energy cost savings, without any major capital expenditures. The energy usage index at Union Memorial Hospital has decreased from 258 to 239 kBTU/sqft/yr.