St. Mary’s of Michigan Medical Center

St. Mary’s of Michigan Medical Center | Saginaw, Michigan

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St. Mary’s of Michigan Medical Center is a 268-bed, 476,876 square foot facility in Saginaw, Michigan. Due to poor infrastructure design and construction, and high operating costs, the Hospital engaged American Energy Assets to improve efficiency and reduce the Hospital’s overall energy consumption.

AEA implemented its On-Track Program on December 1, 2008 to diagnose and correct inefficiencies within the facility. During several initial site visits, AEA identified the following opportunities for improvement:

  • Inconsistent and inefficient coordination of chilled water, control and steam systems
  • Old equipment no longer performing efficiently such as chillers and boilers
  • Lack of extensive Building Automation System programming and training

The On-Track program uses a combination of data collection, trending and analysis to target issues within the buildings energy-consuming systems, along with on-site engineering surveys to determine physical operating conditions of the systems.

Through the first two years of the program, AEA and SMOM have made the following modifications:American Energy Assets - Google Drive-2

  • Reprogrammed air handler control sequences in order to maximize airside economizer operation and also minimize chilled water usage.
  • Adjusted automatic chilled water balancing valve sequences to
  • Applied for and received a $40,000 rebate from Consumers Energy for
  • Installed new chiller plant staging to minimize expensive absorber
  • Began a program of regular on-site training sessions with Hospital staff

American Energy Assets - Google Drive-1Through the first year of this program, AEA and SMOM have generated about $200,000 in energy cost savings, without any major capital expenditures. As you can see in the diagram to the left, their energy usage index decreased from about 330 to 300 kBTU/SF. On top of all of this, the facilities Energy Star profile also improved from a baseline rating of 25 to a current rating of 31.