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Parker Adventist Hospital - Healthcare Energy Solutions

Parker Adventist Hospital (PAH) is a 220,000 square-foot, 100-bed, hospital located in Parker, Colorado. After opening their doors in 2004, PAH was experiencing higher than average energy consumption for such a new facility. AEA was hired to assist the Hospital in developing a detailed energy plan in order to increase conservation and awareness
throughout all aspects of the facility.

The graph below is an example of AEA’s FastTrack (V-4) graphing tool that allows our engineers and facility staff to view and analyze real time building automation system (BAS) trends for all components included within a facilities operations. This program involves using interfaces developed by AEA to configure with your existing BAS and import the trend data into AEA’s monitoring system. The data is evaluated through on-line graphical analyses which allow our engineers to look for failed control devices, inefficient programming sequences and incorrect strategies that increase energy consumption. This is also a great tool for documenting improvements made once a project is completed and inefficient operations are corrected.

AEA implemented its operational On-Track Program on May 1, 2007 to identify and correct inefficiencies within the facility. Based on initial engineering assessments and in-depth analysis of data gathered from utility bills and BAS trends, AEA and PAH determined several key issues that needed to be dealt with:

  • Establish BAS, V-4, and other control systems for remote monitoringParker Adventist Hospital - Healthcare Energy Solutions
  • Air handler and rooftop unit recommissioning
  • Installation of building static pressure sensors
  • Chiller plant upgrades
  • On-Site training of facility managers and other staff involved

PAH has been involved in AEA’s On-Track program for about four years now and has generated just over $350,000 in energy cost savings, without any major capital expenditures.  In addition, the hospital’s energy usage index (right) has decreased from 340 to 260 kBtu/SqFt.  The Hospital’s Energy Star profile also improved from a baseline rating of 24 to a current rating of 38.

Parker Adventist Hospital Energy Savings Chart