Energy, best practices, facilities, efficiency, commodity pricing, emergency preparedness, risk assessment and carbon constraints are some of the variables facing American business and their operations. AEA’s staff of professionals is well-positioned to describe current conditions, explore avenues for improvement, anticipate the effects of unforeseen events, and lay out a path forward that includes actionable items in addition to the comfort of knowing other aspects of your operation are appropriate in their status quo.

Savings Performance

Our healthcare customers face seemingly never ending needs for cost savings, and AEA’s energy efficiency programs offer attractive returns from Non-Labor savings initiatives and no need for invested capital. Our OnTrack program is designed to use the infrastructure already in place to maximize its efficiency and achieve operating savings through energy conservation.

Turnkey Services

AEA has built its understanding of energy and facilities through decades of turnkey project performance. We no longer seek out these opportunities in the marketplace; however, we are always willing to lend our project management, design guidance, turn-key construction, and central plant operation and ownership capabilities whenever an existing customer requests it. Many projects are straightforward, but AEA will offer to lead more complicated projects where customers can benefit from our comprehensive involvement.

Welcome to American Energy Assets

Energy – its economics, production, consumption, and side effects are the defining issue of our century. AEA strives to remain a part this dynamic space while focusing our business on a very specific niche where we have learned to excel. Over 95% of AEA’s Clients are tax-exempt acute care hospitals and their affiliates across the nation. We work closely with these Clients to make an economic impact in the immediate term by lowering their energy needs, then to continue the collaboration indefinitely as our business grows and our Clients’ needs evolve.

We have developed software and our Ninja Box to communicate with our customers’ onsite building automation systems wherever we work, we have owned and operated central chiller plants and cogeneration facilities in Texas and California, we have developed solar thermal programs in California and analyzed wind projects in Oregon, we are a founding member of The Climate Registry, we have installed building automation systems in Ohio hospitals and Wisconsin school systems, we have installed flat plate heat exchangers in Tennessee and Georgia, we have managed utility metering programs in the West, we have cross-connected chiller plants in Philadelphia and installed critical 36” long piping solutions in Michigan, but most importantly, we have helped hundreds of hospitals in 36 states (so far) find the most cost-effective and immediate ways to optimize their operations by applying what we’ve learned over the years.

So, AEA is a healthcare energy company. This is our focus and our mission, although we reserve the right to dabble elsewhere…

Integration AEA Programs